• Web Development

    We develop Websites & E-shops based on great funcionality and design. We set our priority to expand our client’s business goals to the maximum. By keeping always in mind the ever-evolving nature of the online world our work is set to serve future needs with ease, while pioneering on current ones.

    More specifically, all of our web development projects entail the following:

    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Great aesthetics
    • Great User Experience & User Interface
    • High rank on Search Enginges (SEO)
    • Research & market analysis

  • Digital Marketing

    We pursue a holistic point of view in order to capitalize on the power of all digital marketing platforms. We follow the latest global trends in order to provide you with the greatest solutions. We work together to establish the needs of your current customers, and set the foundation to expand your clientele. The main channels of our expertise are:

    Google Adwords

    We as an official Google Partner take on the responsibility to increase your business revenues in the most optimal way. Google, nowadays and for the foreseeable future seems to conquer the internet world. Thus, your presence is somewhat more than mandatory. For us, our purpose is to set you apart in this competitive world. May it be on the Google Search or on the Display Network, our team has the expertise both technically and marketing-wise to boost your online presence. We guarantee for:

    • Low CPC (Cost per Click)
    • High CTR (Click through Rate)
    • Low CPA (Cost per Acquisition)
    • High Conversion Rates



    Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

    It is needless to mention the role that Social Media play on our daily lifes. Our team specifies in outstanding copywriting, impressive digital design & deep marketing knowledge, which will bring astonishing results for you. This way, we engage on:

    • Content creation
    • Ad creation & management
    • Applications
    • Competitions

    Video Marketing (Youtube)

    Videos are the powerful tool of tomorrow’s marketing. Due to their immediacy in delivering the message in an audiovisual way, it automatically drives more attention from the recepient. We possess all the technical knowledge to bring the desired impact by creating videos which convey the right message in the right way. Moreover, we guarantee for the exposure of your video in order to appear high on Google’s search reslults.

  • Creative

    In the digital world visuals come first! For us design is of ultimate importance in every project that we delve in. Our team embraces the latest global trends in the design world in order to give back to you outstanding looks. We provide the following:

    • Company Profile
    • 3D Animation
    • Web Design
    • Mobile Applications

  • Monitoring

    It is very important for us to provide a clear image to our clients about the performance of every project that we take on. We aim at providing the most explanatory reports of all our digital campaigns so that there is no space for misunderstandings or ignorance. We send reports on a monthly basis at least, in order to keep track of the performance. Our presentations are made with infographics and graphical representation.

  • Consulting

    Our experienced team in the digital marketing world is constituted of individuals with prestigious academic track as well as great hands on experience. We dig deep in the analysis part in order to be able to solidly back our proposals. Moreover, we take on different perspectives in order to tackle every issue in different ways. Thus, we provide a fully backed approach which is then presented to the client. Finally, we always stay on the client’s side even after the execution of the project in order to establish a long-lasting relationship.